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Featured Demos

Experiment NameDemoSource
WebRTC Scalable Broadcast Demo Source
HTML5 Collaborative Canvas Designer / A dashboard plugin Demo Source
Share Desktop using a Chrome Extension Demo Source

Suggested Demos

Experiment NameDemoSource
Audio+Video+TextChat+FileSharing Demo Source
Audio/Video/Screen sharing and recording Demo Source
RecordRTC & RTCMultiConnection: Record both Local/Remote Videos Demo Source
File Sharing using RTCMultiConnection v3 Demo Source

Scalable Broadcast Demos

Experiment NameDemoSource
Scalable Audio/Video Broadcast using RTCMultiConnection v3 Demo Source
Scalable Screen Broadcast using RTCMultiConnection v3 Demo Source
Scalable Video Broadcast using RTCMultiConnection v2 Demo Source
Scalable File Sharing using RTCMultiConnection v3 Demo Source
Scalable Screen+Audio Broadcast using RTCMultiConnection v3 Demo Source

Other Demos

Experiment NameDemoSource
RTCMultiConnection client using Reliable Signaler Source
Conversation.js : A library runs top over RTCMultiConnection Demo Source
PluginRTC: Microsoft Old IE and Safari support in RTCMultiConnection Source
MultiRTC demos in WebSockets/Socket.io and Firebase Demo Source
Remote Stream Forwarding & Relaying Demo Source
AppRTC like RTCMultiConnection demo!DemoSource
MultiRTC! RTCMultiConnection all-in-one demo! Demo Source
All-in-One testDemoSource
Multi-Broadcasters and Many ViewersDemoSource
Select Broadcaster at runtimeDemoSource
OneWay Screen & Two-Way AudioDemoSource
Stream Mp3 LiveDemoSource
Socket.io auto Open/Join roomsDemoSource
Screen Sharing & CroppingDemoSource
Share Part of Screen without cropping itDemoSource
Renegotiation & Mute/UnMute/StopDemoSource
Video BroadcastingDemoSource
Many-to-One BroadcastDemoSource
Audio ConferencingDemoSource
Multi-streams attachmentDemoSource
Admin/Guest audio/video callingDemoSource
Session Re-initiation TestDemoSource
Preview Screenshot of the roomDemoSource
RecordRTC & RTCMultiConnectionDemoSource
Explains how to customize ice servers; and resolutionsDemoSource
Mute/Unmute and onmute/onunmuteDemoSource
One-page demo: Explains how to skip external signalling gatewaysDemoSource
Password Protect Rooms: Explains how to authenticate usersDemoSource
Session Management: Explains difference between "leave" and "close" methodsDemoSource
Multi-Sessions ManagementDemoSource
Customizing BandwidthDemoSource
Users ejection and presence detectionDemoSource
Multi-Session EstablishmentDemoSource
Group File Sharing + Text ChatDemoSource
Audio Conferencing + File Sharing + Text ChatDemoSource
Join with/without cameraDemoSource
Screen SharingDemoSource
One-to-One file sharingDemoSource
Manual session establishment + extra data transmissionDemoSource
Manual session establishment + extra data transmission + video conferencingDemoSource
takeSnapshot i.e. Take Snapshot of Local/Remote streams Demo Source
Broadcast Multiple-Cameras Demo Source

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